I conduct a free trial class before your child enroll in my classes formally.
This is a very important part of an effective learning journey.

Why Do Trial Class?

Because everyone’s time is precious.

I want to be sure that there is a right fit, before your child enroll into my class. If I find that I am not the best teacher for your child, I would communicate to you upfront, rather than wasting your time and money, and quit on you after a few ineffective lessons.

How Is It Like?

The free trial class is a process where the tutor, the learner and the parent get to know each other better. It is a 3-step process:

Step 1RAPPORT: During the session, I want to introduce myself to your child. I share some of my life stories. I share about our own learning journey. We will chat about how your child is doing in school and the challenges she faces. We talk about her likes and dislikes about learning Maths. This gives me a better picture about what she is going through.

Step 2 – TEACH: Lastly, I want to ask your child to show me 1-3 hard questions which she has already tried but got stuck in. I will try my best to help your child achieve mastery in these. Through this we will find out whether my teaching style suits you child.

Step 3FEEDBACK: I will feedback to you, through a chat or phone call, about how the trial class went, and my assessment of your child. You are encouraged to have a chat with your child about whether to commence lessons with me.

How Do I Start?

Register your interest by filling in the form. I will get in touch with you to set up the virtual classroom.

Duration: 45 minutes

Fee: FREE for referred students. S$45 for walk-in. Please pay via PayNow (ID 53221768C) to Love To Learn Education.