Jason Lee, Maths Coach

Hi, I am Jason Lee, the founder of Love To Learn. I have been giving online Maths tuition since 2016.

I help hardworking but frustrated learners to overcome fear and regain confidence in Maths with the LEAP method.

I am very good in making complex maths concepts easy to understand.
I teach with kindness and encouragement.
My calling is to help students who has a crippling fear towards Maths.
I teach them mindset and techniques to solve any O level E Maths and Additional Maths questions.

My Credentials

  • Alumni of The Chinese High School
  • Alumni of Hwa Chong Junior College
  • Alumni of Nanyang Technological University (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Awarded the prestigious ASEAN Pre-U Scholarship
  • Taught more than 2000 students
  • Adjunct lecturer of Maths in a local polytechnic since 2006
  • Author of 3 best-selling Maths assessment books with EPH and Marshall Cavendish
  • One of the pioneers in online tutoring in Singapore
  • Interviewed on Channel 8 and CNA

Why Students Fail In Maths?

The three biggest reasons for learners to do poorly in Maths is this:

  1. Lack of understanding
  2. Lack of exam strategies
  3. Lack of practice

I help my learners tackle the first challenge by focusing on clarity in lessons. I have 14 years of experience in doing this.

I help them tackle the second challenge by putting them through exam simulations and coaching them on exam techniques, e.g. time management.

However, I will make it very clear right from the start, that if a learner does not put in effort to practice after lessons, and do the assigned homework, there is no magic that will help him or her improve.

The LEAP Method

To tackle these, I created The LEAP Method, which is a framework to help students to learn effectively and naturally.

L is for LOGIC
This is where I break down complex Maths concepts and formulas to its building blocks. I use everyday examples to make Maths easy and intuitive.
What I don’t do is to say, this is the formula, memorize and use it.

Once the learners have a solid understanding of what the concepts and formulas are about, they will learn about how they are applied in exam questions.
We study in detail how to properly present the logic to score well in exams.

We analyse tough exam questions.
Through facilitation, I guide learners to discover the solutions step by step, so that they learn the skills of tackling unfamiliar questions, independently.
No spoon-feeding here.

After learners have achieved understanding, I will coach them to perform in exams.
The key to performance in exams in to internalise what they have learnt, and make their knowledge into a kind of muscle memory.
The way to do that is by appropriate and targeted practice.
The right difficulty, the right amount, at the right time.

How Big Is My Class?

I only coach in Micro Groups of maximum 2 students for maximum impact.

In Micro Group setting, learners experience the benefits of:

  1. Attentiveness from tutor
  2. Customized learning plans for every learner
  3. Peer support and camaraderie

To find out whether your child likes my kind of class, I’ll invite you to join me for a free trial class.

How I Treat My Students

I am always kind and encouraging to my students.
I talk to them a lot to understand them deeply.
I don’t use jargon, and I try to speak their lingo.
I build on what they know, to teach them what they still don’t know.

My ultimate goal is to
(1) instilling in all my students good characters, and
(2) to equip them with lifelong learning mindset and skills.

I believe that we are all unique; my job is like a good gardener – to provide students with respect, guidance and encouragement so that they can flourish, in their own time.

Find out how I get results with my students by being nice, never having to shout, bribe, insult or be sarcastic.


Check out the testimonials from my learners here.

Find Out More

I highly recommend that you get to know more about me, and me about your child, before enrolling.
Join me in a FREE trial class to find out more.

“Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire”

– William Butler Yeats, Irish Poet

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